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Originally Posted by mgman1 View Post
Alright, let's clear something out. It wasn't from a magazine. It's not a magazine ad. It was taken from a box (or case?) inlay which showed some other great games put on various PC's. How much more real could it possibly be?
Well, just look in the section I posted above. There are many examples of magazine / box / whatever images shown that never eventuated...

Originally Posted by mgman1 View Post
I mean, I've been getting more and more real each time. Yet I haven't seen any REAL proof that it was cancelled.
The proof so far for it not ever existing is that it has never surfaced after many, many, many years... Unless you know a person on the development team who has an unreleased beta or something then I personally don't hold much hope...

Originally Posted by mgman1 View Post
Just cause those people are seriously experienced with years, it doesn't mean they're always right. Everyone makes mistakes.
Very true, I agree. It's just that you're argument is stacked against heavy odds. Years and years of research by numerous people vs. only one box scan or whatever...

Again I'll say: please give us real proof as nobody else in the whole Amiga community has ever seen even a speckle

Anyway, this is getting repetative yet again
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