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Cool, and please continue to do so... A dodgy magazine scan means nothing for the reasons pointed out above and also in your previous closed threads. Unless you have some "real" evidence, and I mean real then...

Belgarath, Galaxy, CodyJarret, x_to, andreas and the rest of the HOL team are experts in Amiga gaming history. I hate to say it but if they haven't even seen even a specle of proof in all there many years of Amiga game research that they've undertaken then personally I don't hold much hope.
Alright, let's clear something out. It wasn't from a magazine. It's not a magazine ad. It was taken from a box (or case?) inlay which showed some other great games put on various PC's. How much more real could it possibly be? I mean, I've been getting more and more real each time. Yet I haven't seen any REAL proof that it was cancelled. Just cause those people are seriously experienced with years, it doesn't mean they're always right. Everyone makes mistakes. Trust me, I'm not hoping that anyone holds their breath on this...
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