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Originally Posted by Belgarath View Post
lots and lots of games were advertised as coming out on a variety of platforms but either never got made or never got released..

one advert with a single poor screenshot is no proof of it's existence and neither is it proof that it was ever developed as it could be a mock up of what it would have looked like.

Do you really want to go through all this again?
It was NOT advertised as COMING OUT. It explained various versions already available. And quality of image has got nothing to do with it.

In the link you provided, it mainly focused on screenshots of claimed games that are really in fact taken from other ports or are fake shots. Well, can you tell me where else you see the screen I provided? Where else did it come up and noted as a beta phase? Or, at least, where else did you see that screen? How the hell does a company non-related to Konami get a WIP screening of game?

That comparison of the MSX game to the Amiga screen is to light. I played the MSX game and for sure I know that there is no resemblance in the level, let alone the whole graphics and game layout.

Oh, and give me a break regarding the damn scan. I'm no expert in increasing the quality, and neither is my friend. If you want to do that yourself, by all means... whatever that'll find or prove...
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