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While we wait for chilly's source update. I have been working on the old source and made some progress, . To save typing something out again, heres my post from


As you may have proberly noticed from the shoutbox posts. Im currently testing alot of stuff out on the 063 source (thought I had gone as far as I could with it).
Me being me, I hate giving up. So I went back over some stuff I tried before, and this time after getting a better understanding of the source.

I have now managed to get an extra 7 to 8 FPS, using max CPU and Frameskip 0. I have also been taking another look at the unreleased FAMEC source, and while I dont see the point in using it (to unstable), I have found alot of optimisations in the source that could be applied to 063 source.

So basically, I have halved the CPU cycles, which gave us the main speed increase. I have also moved the sound code from the unreleased FAMEC version, and im in the process of adding the other FAMEC blitter etc etc optimisations to the 063 source.

If people are wondering why I dont release the FAMEC version, its simple, because its not finished, its unstable and the speed it gives is the same as the current beta, thats being tested (which uses the Standard CPU core, NON FAMEC). I have now been working on the source on my own, as the other devs have vanished, they have taught me so much, just wish they had more time to work on PSPUAE.

Chilly has joined me to help, but until then, I will continue teaching myself with current source. This way you guys / gals dont have to wait for the new chilly willy version (which is obviously taking longer than originally thought). I see know point in pushing chilly as judging by his current PSP app releases, he does an awesome job and im happy to wait, .
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