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Regrettably I suspect all these projects are 'geek-value' only.
(still wonderful projects all the same)

-Build it yourself (more than half the fun) for an 'acceptable' amount of money.
-Buy pre-built for an 'unacceptable' amount of money. (as alexh says: reasonable considering the risks / volumes involved)
-Real A500's can still be bought for peanuts. (though, for how long?)

Personally I'd love to see one of these projects turn into a 'modern' A1200 clone or replacement mobo for the convenience of easy connection to 'modern' standards - maybe with some extras like built-in RTG / additional cores to reproduce other platforms etc...
...such a system would make a HUGE dent in my mound of retro-boxes clogging up the house.

Sadly I don't see there being sufficient sales-volume to support an Amiga DTV let alone what I'd like.
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