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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
Well I pass the existing collection through the rebuilder, I unticked compress and recompress and now it creates FOLDERS that IN them have the zips! (one each!) Aaaaaargh! Is this normal behaviour?

Also during rebuilding, it shows that it skips thousands of files (the zip contents?)... Is THIS normal?

In the scanner, where I scanned the small magazine collection (that I know is complete), it shows that no set is missing, but MANY unneeded files and folders in each set. Is THIS normal?

Really confused...
Yeah it's normal behaviour. Just ignore all the info about unneeded files and folders, it shows them because it takes a look inside the zips, which is fine.

As for the individual folders, yep, that's how clr handles files. It either zips them up (the double zips I spoke of) or moves each file in to it's own folder.

You can use the results of the rebuilder to build a missing dat to show what you still need.

Once you have a complete set you can then move all of the files in to a single dir instead of individual dirs.
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