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Originally Posted by NLS View Post
OK I am confused with the use of DATs.

I have latest ClrMAMEPro.

I load the dat, point it to the folder I already have WHDLoad zips in and scan...

Finds many uneeded and many missing sets (ok sets are normal probably as I haven't updated the set yet)... seems it is going IN the zips to look.

What am I doing wrong really?

Simpler questions: Demos and Magazines are totally new collections and nothing included in those sets is in any older WHDLoad set correct? So I am safe to download them from scratch right?
The demos and magazines are all new yes, so it's safe to grab them all.

As for the dats, just run the lot through the rebuilder in to a new directory. That'll sort them out for ya. I'd personally untick "compress" otherwise you'll end up with double zipped files.
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