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Ah, Lion Heart!
The Memories!

I completed Lion Heart back in summer of 1994 (No cheating!) and what a graphic fest that was!
Incredible! Lion Heart is considered as the technical pinnacle of AMIGA gaming. It featured the most advanced graphics seen on the AMIGA 500.Hi-Res detailed graphics like this, were only dreamed of back in 1993 on the PC and 16-bit consoles of the time.
As it used a lot more than the basic 64Half-Bright colours the OCS/ECS chipset was capable of. The rainbow copper effects were amazing, especially the fire stage.

I still have some AMIGA Power / Format Mags with articles quoting that no other console adventure platform game of the time could match Lion Heart, especially in the graphics department.

The game had some of the most stunning looking Heroic Fantasy levels, which I had only read about in novels like Conan, Elrik, Lords of The Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, etc…
The Wastelands, the swamps, the spider infested caves, the forgotten city, the fiery caverns, the gravity defying citadel and especially the last Sorcerer Boss fight, were all some of the coolest and most memorable gaming moments!
The Sorcerer him self, reminded me of Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat, but in a more sinister & evil looking way. The fight it self was quite tough and took a few tries to overcome.

The ending was very epic & dramatic.
Valdyn’s sinister expression is so cool, when the king approaches in the background to greet & congratulate him on defeating his enemy, but Valdyn is like "Yeah right, get lost! I lost my girl in the struggle, so who cares about you old man?!” leaving him surprised cold in the great hall!

Then he discovers the secret powers of the talisman he had found in the lost caves and breaks the spell that had petrified his love.

A true masterpiece!

Today I tried Lion Heart Remake and all I can say is that I'm amazed!

I really don't know how this guy was able to pull this off on the PC, unless he had the source code!
There are a few sound-effects missing here and there and the 1st Boss is slightly easier than the AMIGA version, but overall this is an excellent remake!
There is even an extra Stage 1.5!
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