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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Hmm...that's an unusually high frequency of non-TOSEC disks you have there. Where did these come from? Have you tried running some of those through the Compilations dat? You'll probably find a bunch of matches in there! And some titles like Ra might be listed under the "C" dats (Curse of RA).
Hopefully he didn't do what I did early on: loading and playing ADFs that aren't read-only/write-protected. I've got tons like this that I am certain just have differently dated .INFO files or saved games, etc.

If someone could write a tool to detect differences in boot blocks, .INFO files and saved game directories, I think the Amiga renaming project would go a lot faster. Then, once it's more or less done, completists like Twistin' can spend a few years renaming the different boot blocks, .INFO dates and saved games. :laugh
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