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Norwich - too inbred.
Cambridge - too academic
Birmingham - full of brummies*
Nottingham - home of the only Hooters restaurant in the UK
Coventry - I grew up there. My in laws live there. No thanks.
Leicester - mediocre
Newcastle - we'd need translators
Derby - this is the joke option, right?
Stafford - apologies, this is the joke one!
Bell End - nice place near Bolton?
Exeter - Why not go the whole hog and vote for Land's end?
Manchester - Wrong side of the pennines where they eat babies.
No Place - Sounds difficult to find
London - Southern. Expensive to stay in, travel to, urinate in...

Brum probably gets my vote as it's central (for England) as has been mentioned... Are there no other users from Yorkshire around here?

* - I was born damn close to Birmingham so probably am a brummie myself.
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