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Errr... the Quickshot for some reason when ever I pick up a ST, Speccy or C64 from a car boot or market or skip you can just about GURANTEE one of those horrid things is with it.

Upon testing said joystick you found in bin/skip/dog kennal you can then gurantee the auto fire thingy at least thats what I presume it was at the back of the stick don't work, and the stick feels very unresponsive. I also dislike those sticks for what I would say is crap build quaility.

All in all it just feels poor

I have some other QuickShot sticks for the SNES & MD, although the extra buttons just add to the crapness, I do have a stick I think from QuickShot for the SNES and it has little analogue style wheel adjusters.

I loved these sticks I used to sell them for the Saturn, the cost was SUPER only £0.50p per stick shame they weighed a ton :/

I must have crap loads of pics of sticks and pads, so I won't spam up the thread

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