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Originally Posted by viddi View Post
Okay, the poll is closed. We´ll meet in London.
Yay, great news! (There is a direct train from Lichfield to London so thats dead easy for me)

I´d like to invite everyone knowing the place to find a nice venue.
Sorry I dont know the place, Shame the Novotel is £170 a night else that would have been fun.

But what shall we do first?
Well a quick post on some of the other miggy sites should gauge how many people would be interested, and as the Big Bash is off for another year you may get lots coming just for their fix. You arnt going to be able to get a accurate number until we have a date though.
The cost is the thing that needs to be sorted imho but just sending an e-mail to the different places should get a reply fast enough.
I wouldnt worry about equipment though, Im sure that could be sorted out as we go. (/me throws a ethernet video camera in so everyone can see us playing)

I will look on the net for cheap venues but as I aint a londoner I cant go door to door, sry.

But yay, party!
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