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EAB member meeting summer 2008 - V

Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
@Mick_AKA (& meega):

Yes, good point.

Still if it must be London then a venue that involves the least misery for the rest of us would be great.

Quick Google

'E' & 'F' still count as greater London

Both seem to have good road & rail links & London is lousy with airports.

Never been to either TBH

Okay, the poll is closed. WeŽll meet in London.
Charlie made a good point and IŽd like to invite everyone knowing the place to find a nice venue.

But what shall we do first?

Find out about

- the attendance?

- the costs?

- the equipment?

- ...

Please help. I would really appreciate that.
Thanks a lot, Amigans.
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