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Originally Posted by Eclipse View Post
When the Xbox and PS3 are being emulated, how many will still be emulating the Amiga?
Oh, oh.. didn't read this one... have to comment:

Are you kidding me?????.. Hey!, playstation 1-2, N64, alot of cool arcade machines, like Neo-Geo... lots of heavy ass cool arcade games is already emulated and these games kicks the graphic ASS out of Amiga games... but STILL people are emulating Amiga, what makes you think people would stop emulating the Amiga if Xbox or PS3 got emulated????... when alot of other stuff (like mentioned above) already is???

People will never stop emulating the Amiga, just like with nintendo 8 bit.. and snes, and commodore c64...

Sorry, got a bit pissed when I see a post like that.
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