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Flight Simulator II v1.0

Another one that may have been missed due to the date in HOL (, According to the Flight Simulator History website, the first version for the Amiga was released in 1986 v1.0 (I myself had the 1987 v1.1 version). Although perhaps the v1.0 was just a demo? Anyone confirm? HOL has a v1.01 demo for 1987, and does not call it Flight Simulator II.

Perhaps Flight Simulator II should make the list if it was actually released in 1986 if anyone can confirm? The Amiga and Atari ST versions when released where a lot better than the PC version. The MicroSoft Flight Simulator is based on this one, which was in turn based on the original one, before Microsoft took it over.

Okay, so it is more of a flight simulator than a game, but it does have a World War II mode to fight in the plane, and it has a multiplayer option via modem linkup. [Although I have no idea if these features were in v1.0 or added in v1.1/1.2 unless someone has the adf or in TOSEC]

According to the website with more detail, it was released in 1986, with updates in 1987, therefore I think Flight Simulator II should also be included in your list:

"The year 1986 witnessed another major breakthrough in the design of new versions of Flight Simulator. Artwick fully exploited capabilities of Amiga and Atari ST computers, and released subLOGIC Flight Simulator II for Atari ST and subLOGIC Flight Simulator II for Amiga. Although they were designated with Roman II as the versions for Apple II, Atari, C 64 and Data General/One mentioned above, the amount of innovations was such that it could have been designated version III. They are pretty comparable with later MS Flight Simulator 3.0. The most innovative features included the system of roll menu bars, new views such as “spot, track, tower”, and besides the Cessna 182, the Learjet 25G is also offered. You can also open another view and modify its size and position. Moreover, you can also choose the direction of the view and open the map view. The display resolution was 320 x 240 and 16 colours were used. After I compared the Amiga and Atari ST editions, the only difference between them was a different colour and shape of the cursor arrow. The Atari ST edition has a white arrow, while the Amiga one is brown. Likewise, with the previous Flight Simulator packages for other platforms, upgraded editions followed, for example subLOGIC Flight Simulator II for Amiga versions 1.1 and 1.2 in 1987. "

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