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Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
The Zorks didn't use speech, at least Zork 3 didn't and I'd imagine if any did, that would. I also think it's an odd choice for an Amiga book since it's the same as it ever was on all platforms, even the 64. Good game? Probably, but good Amiga game? Eh..not really. And it was popular, sure, that's considering it was on practically everything. I'd even wonder just how much it sold on the Amiga since someone would have had to miss it on everything else. Doesn't make for good screenshots either.

Leaderboard Golf isn't quite as good as I remember it.. Used to play it a lot on the 64, but the Amiga version is odd.. Too fast/hard maybe.

The others on the list are either very good picks or I'm not familiar with them. The Pawn is a good choice, too; as I remember it, it was groundbreaking for its graphics (even on other systems) for an adventure.
I was thinking that speech would be a differentiating point for an Amiga game, but otherwise I don't know if there is anything special about text adventure. The Pawn does look graphically great in HOL. I would link to a SPOC disk game page, but this game is missing from everywhere, even HOL. I can upload the adf if anyone is interested. It contains a collection of AmigaBASIC games, and the text adventure with speech is one of them.

Instead of Leaderboard golf, I had Mean 18 golf (game from 1986). Visually, Leaderboard looks better, but never played it. Mean 18 has a great course editor so you can create your own custom courses! Pretty good for 86. Not sure if other platforms had that same feature?

I agree Bards Tale seems more appropriate than the multitude of 3 or 4 text adventures selected. Amiga was my first computer, with all its sound features, I guess the text adventures with no speech were not very appealing for me.

This list may be useful:
Interesting that mean 18 golf was twice the price of leaderboard golf on this list. I would have thought they would be competing against each other. Text adventures also have a lower price if not the same.

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