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Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
you'll need to figure out a way to be able to software eject the inserted disk
The eject button would become a simple touch switch, wired to the floppy disk emulator board. It would be context sensitive as well as responding differently to press and hold.

Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
then select the image you want from the SD and insert it (the same way as if you had a physical floppy disk with a floppy carousel controller - but it's only controlled through standard signals to the floppy I/O).
It would have a default floppy disk image (stored in a default location on the SD card) and this image is automatically "inserted" after a power on.

The Amiga (or whatever computer) would boot from this image on power on.

The default image would be many times smaller than a real disk, the "unused" portion of the disk would then be used to pass information to and from the floppy emulator. Information about the disk images stored on the SD card, disk selection etc.

The default disk image would create a simple menu, the user selects the disk image(s), the default disk image then informs the floppy disk emulator of the selection whereby it "inserts" the selected disk.

The user then reboots (either with the reset key(s) or an option in the host application) and the computer boots the selected disk image.

For multi-disk games, pressing the eject button would cycles through the selected disk images.

Press and hold returns the floppy emulator to the reset state, selects the default disk image whereby the user can then reboot and select another disk image.

Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
that's not a lot of use if you wanted to use the floppy emulator on your Amstrad CPC, etc. which doesn't have as software controllable floppy interface as the Amiga.
The Amstard CPC does have a software controllable floppy interface. (i.e. it can send read/write commands) As do all computers AFAIK.

Originally Posted by gizmomelb View Post
I guess you could have some extra circuitry so that when you press the floppy eject button it works similar to an action replay
No, as you say that would make the product too specific. Not Generic enough.

It would require help from developers on each platform to create the default images, but they would be very simple and you could open source the developer information. If the price was right for the hardware, the developers would embrace it, writing the applications for you.

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