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Originally Posted by Wolf32 View Post
thanks, I'll look out for them. I will need some new CDs soon anyway. That sounds like apretty good price for recordable CDs too. Its great finding there's CD32 games and stuff available online since I hadnt got my CD32 out for ages. I also never realised a standard amiga mouse would work with the system. i will need to find a 4000 keyboard...
Look to it that it is the Black Edition. Recognizable on black CD's (but maybe in UK not possible to see).
And no, you don't need to find a (expensive) A4000 keyboard. It's enough if you can catch a keyboard from an A2000 or an A1000 too. All you need to work on CD32 is an adapter cable which you can get in every PC shop (5 pin DIN connector to PS/2 connector).

I hope I can find some intenso discs, the game cds might work better then. As an interesting note, the multi-game CDs are the only discs the CD32 seems to have a problem with - other burned games work perfectly.
Sounds that the images are damaged? However, hope your search for this discs will be successfull.

Cheers Josh
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