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Arctic Fox should definitely be. It is an Amiga original game, ported to many other systems (look at the conversions list on wiki and hol). I went through the whole list on HOL to come up with just 5 games (biased by what I have played).

I owned an amiga 1000 in 1987, and I had at the time (yes it offers a different perspective back then), 5 of the 13 games on your list. Those 5 on your list that you selected are: Archon, DotC, Marble Madness, Silent Service, Skyfox. All played heaps. I don't see how you can leave out Arctic Fox while including some of those others. It is certainly more of a landmark game than many selected for reasons described by me above and more on the wiki page.

You do realise the only amiga original game you have in your list is Mind Walker? [Edit: hmm and of course dotc]. That would be very sad for a best amiga games list, not to mention the quality of the game on its own merits.

Not sure why Zork or Trivial Pursuit are included as I imagine they are not really "enhanced" by the amiga's capabilities, especially for that time period. There seem to be a fair few text adventures in the list of 13 amiga games. Maybe I personally did not see them as special compared with the other types of games available on the amiga.

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