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There are also ports of:
- Sim City (based on the 3000 version though)
- Settlers (Settlers II, the best in my opinion, but I read it was a bit buggy).

Also for those who might have missed thread mentionning them, there is a port of:
- Rainbow island (drawing the rainbows with the stylus, a bit awkward I found)
- Robocod
- Bubble Bobble Revolution includes a port of the original arcade game (with the possibility to switch with one shoulder button between the original screen ratio, which crops the sprites a bit but remains playable in my opinion and full size with displays original-sized sprites and scroll the screen to center the action)

Finally, 2kgames (Sid Meier) have announced they would published Civilization Revolution DS this year.

Regarding the use of the stylus for strategy/RTS/god games it's quite nice but a bit frustrating sometimes because of lack of right click alternative.
I like Panzer Tactics, which use a 'flower' of possible action around the selected unit, then you just have to select the desired action. Yet, sometimes when you want to cancel something or navigate through the map while having a unit in move mode, things don't seem intuitive.

I guess the developers will learn little by little how to make the best interfaces. I see using a shoulder button as potential winner for a right click alternative ie displaying alternative commandes.
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