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I realise the discs have quite a lot to load but i think my CD32 is having issues. After leaving the cd32 on for a while with the 200 CD in I tried the discs again and this time they all worked well enough to select games from, the 350 works better than the 200 now although the 444 and 888 are pretty sluggish because the cursor cant be moved until each game/category has loaded. (and take forever to load up games) However the music has no problem loading fast enough on the 444 and 888 so thats a bonus

amiga magic? I dunno I think my CD drive might be dodgy ...

kudos to the people who put these cds together, even when they are slow to load I can see how awesome they are

and thanks for getting back to me on this issue so soon. Would it be worth putting a lens cleaner CD in my CD32?
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