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Originally Posted by Figi View Post
Did you ever play the CD on the real CD32, or did you use WinUAE?
Because the real thing spends more time looking for the next track on CD (music, video, picture, whatever) than waiting for input from the controller and thus is a nightmare when it comes to selecting a game. Worse, the time spend looking for the next track is "counted" and triggers the "screen saver"-like videos (where the menu disappears), so it happens quite often that the CD32 just found the damn tune it was looking for and immediately starts looking for the video or slideshow it wants to display next. Again ignoring controller input. :P

Since my CD32 doesn't have that kind of problems with other games - original or burned on the same media-type as the CD-200 - I figured it is because the CD-200 needs to reload a lot of data that is scattered around the disc, which takes some time for the rather slow mechanics of the drive. Sure a modern 48-something-x CDROM in a PC doesn't have those troubles, let alone an .iso on a harddisc, hence the question if anyone ever tried the disc in the real thing. :P

If someone has and is not experiencing the troubles I listed above, can you tell me which media type, burner and burn prefs you used to get it to work decently?
I have had some serious issues with these cds, I first burned the 200 cd with 4x speed in DiscJuggler (Nero refused to burn saying the dta was too big for the CD) which produced the symptoms stated above by fiji. After using fireburner to burn it at 1x speed the disc was useable but still locks up occasionally when it is unable to load the music fast enough, sometimes requiring a reset. Most of the videos worked if I switched the music off.

I accepted this as the disc is multimedia intensive and downloaded the other CDs. This took several days and I finally burned them this evening, only to find that there seemed to be even worse issues with these discs. The 350 will load up after a while, but no music will play and the controls will be locked up while the loading light blinks all the time. The 444 takes even longer to load up and when in the menu it takes forever to move the cursor as it has to wait for ages loading the game/group description. Worse, actually loading a game took as long as it did for the CD to load. I wasnt expecting the 888 to be any faster and sadly I was right, it took an age to load up, even slower than the 444 and the menu was equally impossibly slow.

Now I'm thinking there might be something wrong with the drive on my CD32 because I cant see why its loading these cds so slowly. The drive seems to spin the disc up to full speed and then slow it down again repeatedly while loading. Could this be due to a worn or dirty read lens?

I could equally be doing something wrong in the burning process. Using fireburner at 1x and TAO seems to be the best method described here other than nero, are there any other settings I need to ensure?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with these problems.
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