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Regarding the HOL having watermarks. Why is this such an issue anyway. Whoever contributed the screenshots, boxscans, etc. Has the scans they created in the first place.

Maybe as a backup feature eventually the HOL could have an online back-end that whoever contributed scans in the past can view them through the HOL un-watermarked.

Although, the HOL scans especially the Boxscans and Miscshots are not at their original size or resolution anyway. They have been resized and JPEG compressed which is a lossy format so it is of no means going to replace the original boxes when printing them through a printer, lol.

I think the watermarking is a good way of making the database genuine so that other sites can put the effort in and make their own scans rather than rip them and claim them as their own.

Although, if I was a casual viewer of HOL and did not own anything then it could be a bit of a pain. I think the screenshots for games in this case are for preview purposes so why should it matter. You could always load up the game and play it yourself anyway if you own it or find a duplicate copy through TOSEC or something. What is the big deal in that.

Think about it, the majority of Game indexing sites watermark all of their information so that the project remains genuine, also if the project is copied may result with information that is not accurate anyway and would require constant updating.

If anything if duplicated Game Database sites now rip the HOL content and have kept the watermark in-tact is a good way of making people interested finding out about the Hall of Light website instead.
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