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@ twistin
i agree with pretty much all you say, copyright laws are too old to handle this (internet) medium.
the main problem with internet piracy is that if one site is closed down, another springs up to replace it, take napster for instance, the battles they had with the music companies, pretty much closed down napster, but KaZaA and Morpheus sprung up and now surfers can still get a hold of their favourite bands new release, with more and more people jumping onto the internet bus, more and more data becomes available, or the same data is more widespread, something that publishers cannot fight (a faceless enemy).

i too don't lose any sleep about the data i download, i don't sell it, distribute it or trade it, if i download a song etc.. i listen to it on my PC and no other medium.

without file-sharing, i wouldn't of been able to get the soundtrack to SSX, it hasn't been (to my knowledge) released commerically, downloading it means that i don't have to go through the hassle of ripping it myself, all i have saved is time! IMO

as for the Amiga piracy issue, i have an Amiga, so i own the right to use the Kickstart rom, the games i have downloaded have not be available to buy anywhere, if you show me where i can buy original boxed games i will probably buy some, as i like collecting retro games and hardware.

no one could of predicted that the internet has become as huge as it had, and it will only get bigger, and no matter what law you put into place, people will always break them, sometimes without even knowing it!
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