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Meh, the best toilets remain in the Silent Hill games; dark, dirty, freaky, SCARY. Especially when you knock on doors and someone knocks back! I'm talking all four games here:

Silent Hill 1: crying girl in nightmare school... freaked me out
Silent Hill 2: knock on door, someone knocks back. Gave me a heart attack.
Silent Hill 3: (normal) knock on door... nothing. (Nightmare) knock on door... scream!
Silent Hill 4: on first visit, empty. On second visit a statue of a girl you are supposed to be protecting has suddenly appeared, looking quite freaky also. It is the fact that the you start out with the camera NOT showing the statue, but then when you move the camera switches to the statue being in view that made me jump to the ceiling...

I haven't played Silent Hill Origins yet (waiting for the PS2 port), but I'm sure a freaky toilet is in there.
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