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50% of what i use the net for isn't strictly legal, because i download OLD copyrighted Amiga games, but having said that, if you have ever recorded from the TV, or copy an audio cassette then you have broken the law (well at least in the UK anyway).

i'm into emulation in a big way, i have in the past put ALOT of money Sega's, Nintendo's and various publishers way...

... i'm not ripping them off now though, because Snes and Megadrive games are not available to buy new anymore, they would make no money from me if i purchased games from a boot market etc... so by using a ripped cart rom i'm not ripping them off.

i think, and IMHO, publishers should be more worried about people cracking/distributing current or new games, this is what hurts the industry i think we all love.

i once ran a fairly successfull Amiga games website (no. 1 spot @ TAGS alot of the time ), however i was closed down because of one copyrighted download i didn't have permission to store, you do have be very carefull about the stuff you have freely available...

...but the game in question isn't available to buy new and i haven't seen it on ebay etc.. (not that, that would make the publisher any money anyway).

i'm sick to the back teeth, with the whole piracy debate, magazines are pro-publisher, but i would imagine that all of the staff have used cracked games, infact a lot of developement houses have given jobs to crackers and hackers...

piracy exists... sometimes you don't even know your doing it...
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