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I think you have to respect the copyright owner's right to protect their property. After all, that's what it's there for. The fact that it's "old" is not an issue, it's just not legal..

Now, for people without credit card or skill to get ROMs from their old Amiga (I did it, the hardest part was transferring to PC but that's easy if you know), I find the current means to purchase Amiga Forever unacceptable. Clearly more people would buy a cut down CD with just the ROMs for a lot less (£5?)... and payment by other means (cheque / Switch) would be desirable. Hey, if it were in every EB / Game / HMV (* or other large store chain!) as a budget emulation title that'd be good for emulation and Amiga Inc. *I'm not against Cloanto, for those who want to buy the extras, so be it. I personally own AF5.0, but I can see why people wouldn't want the extra stuff.

Anyway, on the other hand I'm very surprised Commodore don't have more commitment to the emulation market. It's a shame their agreement with publishers didn't include a term "inform us of address / ownership changes or else we own copyright". In that way, many more games could be sourced legally (even though a few will persist to reject waiving copyright). As it stands, it could be 80 years or whatever (hand-wavey ) before copyright expires and what would be gained during that period... more profits? I don't think so... not without making something like a fully legal (and inexpensive) "Amiga Archive" series with all the games in the CAPS Project format available. That's not likely due to greed and licensing complexities so who knows what'll happen...

Edit: Forgot about all the web pages after all that... they're all evil, evil I tells ya... apart from the legal ones.
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