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Preservation is the name of the game. Ideally all the major sites would be working together to try and create some semblance of order in a messy "scene ". Obviously this will never happen as ego's get in the way, but wouldn't it be cool ?

My support will always be behind those that strive to preserve clean disk images - verified as good by multiple sources redumping.

I'm not trying to take away the history and remove all traces of cracked & trained disks etc. In fact, I'm quite happy to have them - I just want clean unadulterated images too

What I don't like to see however is edited labels & pointless tagging - if you trained it then fine, tell us who you are. But if all you did was dump the disk then don't be so lame & go on a l33t eg0 trip. Seems to me there's something rather anal about spending longer tagging a disk than it did to dump it in the first place. There's enough years of crap already out there, no need to make more.

All points of view mentioned previously I know, but it's my first post so I've gotta say something in it

Also, being the newbie and not knowing who's the loose cannon around here - none of the above is directed at any one individual, but to everyone in general. K, now I've covered my ass I'm done.
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