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Well I had to admit I started off with Amiga emulation illegally. I had only tried an amiga a couple of times at some friends' houses a long time ago. Then when I learned a bit about amiga emulation I found a site where I could download the 2 roms I have now from. After having fiddled with emulation for a while I saw that there were an A500 for sale second hand which I bought. Unfortunately the monitor broke so I couldn't use it which just further inspired me to look in the ads in the newspaper where people tried to sell second hand things which is where I also (the very same week) found an A1200 which I also bought. There's no doubt about the fact that if I hadn't gotten the roms illegally in the first place I would never have invested in an Amiga. And if I had gotten an Amiga anyway I would never have entered emulation since I still don't have a clue as to how to transfer the rom anyway. I think I could manage with my A1200 as it has a harddisk, but I'm too lazy to go through the trouble for my A600 which I recently bought (mainly to get the monitor for the A500). So in a way it's good while in another way it's bad. Personally I think that it would be a good thing to release Kick 1.3. It would mean people would get to know what the Amiga was and is and is. Unfortunately it would still be somewhat hard to get the newer ones legally if you don't want to shell out for AF or if in fact you don't have a credit card (like me).
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