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My picks (the top 3 are MUST includes IMHO):

1. Defender Of The Crown

2. Marble Madness:
As per comments, very good arcade conversion on Amiga

3. Arctic Fox: (HOL says 1985, but I thought it was 1986, I have the original)
Amiga original, noted as early FPS game, ported to many other systems. Oh, and you can take the view of one of the guided missiles you launch from your tank all the way till it hits the enemy! And the whole view in the window tilts when you go over rocks. Quite unique for the time.
PC version:

4. Archon (stereo sound when you fire from one end of screen to the other!) I doubt any of the other conversions were as good.

5. Mind Walker:
Is talked about a lot (I haven't played it), but read reviews and it appears very original.

You could use a combination of HOL and Wikipedia to obtain extra information about the games, Wikipedia has a few references too. You can order HOL by the Year Released.

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