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Hmm....Personally I think they are classic games (and tons of crap) on every system in every generations.

A lot of people have been complaining about the recent games being all the same: 3D FPS Sequels. The Adventure lovers have been especially eradicated (platformers still have the Wii and the handhelds).

But what gives? Developers will some day finally hear the bell ringing, and will start to find ways to make the old meets the new. These developers could be you, guys. There will be original games, the technology will permit lonely programmer to do everything themselves once again, which is an imperative for true originality.

If you are all bored with 3D, I'm not, I don't think 3D will ever die, I just think that gameplay should be more varied.

Another option is to design games that look retro, especially for the handheld. There would be a scene for that, if your game is good enough, just like in music, people have been mixing with retro-electronics influences.


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