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Opinions on NON legal Websites

OK guys Stay with me on this one please.......

There are lots of different types of Emulation and alot of it has been somewhat on the "NON-LEGAL" side for example N64, PS, Sega, GB etc.....

Now some of the sites that distributed games for these systems were shut down as they had no legal permission to do so.

Now Amiga Emulation seems to be a good thing, companies letting game distribution go ahead, people like Cinemaware putting their own ADF's on the net.....Yes Everything about Amiga Emulation seems to be good and that's cos it's legal

Now Stop !!!! Think about it, Emulation still seems to have a bad name because of all the illegal sites distributing Roms and stuff, thus giving the Emu scene a Bad Name and reputation

So this is (finally) my question to you, What (if anything) should be done about the NON-LEGAL sites distributing Amiga Stuff (Kickstarts for Example). .

Some people would say this is good, it allows people to get hold of all types of files, (but this would make the Amiga Emulation Scene as bad and corrupt as the others) .

So why Not BAN them ?? Well as mentioned people who didn't have Kickstart.roms wouldn't be able to obtain them unless they either copied them from their Amigas or Purchased Amiga 4 Ever.

So I guess what I am asking is your opinion on Illegal Amiga Sites

Shhould they be allowed to distribute files despite been copyrighted and do sites like this give the scene a bad rep?

Sorry for all the babbling but I was just wanting to get my point across and stuff.

Well I hope this generates some interests as I would love to know you opinions
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