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Amiga 4 Ever

I have Amiga Forever 5 (Yes I know what a waste of Money).

And I think most of you are right, apart from the Kickstart.roms and the stuff you need licencing for there is nothing to it.

it comes with some video's on the CD's but WOW O WOW it's nothing exciting, and it's setout is no where near as good as AIAB.

So Is there a point in Buying it ? Well as it's been pointed out if you want to obtain stuff legally then yes, if you don't worry about things like that then the answer must be NO.

I thought it would be pretty good to use and once installed it would be setup, but Nah doesn't quite work like that.

IMHO much better to use AIAB and much Much nicer to look at.

However, the Amiga Explorer parts of AF is very nice (so it does have 1 good point) but they could have done so much more, especially considering the money you pay for it.

Just my opinion though
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