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Is uaescsi.device a file I need to have somewhere with WinUAE? I have only had this problem since the latest two released versions
No, uaescsi.device automagically appears in Amiga device list if uaescsi.device box was checked.

I completely removed old CDROM support because it was hack and it didn't support media changes correctly and isn't compatible with new filesystem code. (and scsi emulation allows cd burning, cd ripping etc from Amiga side!)

Do you have Windows 9X or 2K/XP?

2K/XP: you either need admin privileges or ASPI drivers (ASPI-box must be checked if you want to use ASPI in 2K or XP)
9X: ASPI driver update is needed

You should have following message in your log: "Windows NT/2K/XP: Using SPTI CDROM interface" or "Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP: Using ASPI CDROM interface"

After that you should see all your CDROM drives and matching Amiga SCSI unit number. (List format depends on your Windows version)
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