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Were the following 2D Shooters ever released for the PC?

Were the following 2D Shooters ever commercially released for the PC?

I was wondering if the following 2D shooters were ever commercially released for the PC as full/final products in some media CD/DVD-ROM or Floppies?

XII STAG – Shoot Em Up / / Vertical / TAITO (I’ve tried a demo called XII STAG Limited)

Magical Chase - Cute Em Up / Horizontal / Palsoft (Conversion from the PCE featuring a young witch like the Cotton series)

Reflex – Siterkain - Shoot Em Up / Vertical (Was the full final version ever released? I’ve only tried a 3 level Kick-Ass demo)

Metal Force - Shoot Em Up / Vertical (I have very little info on this apart from a few random lo-res screen-shots)

Moral Minus - Shoot Em Up / Vertical (I’ve tried a demo back in 2002; it featured high-res polygonal graphics like Ikaruga)

Twinkle Soft Vertical Shooters:

Excess Fraction - 1999
Rally Raid - 2000
Steel Heart - 2000
Barrage Tribe - 2001

Any links would be highly appreciated.
Even more if some kind chap could provide help of where/how to download them?

Thanks in advance.
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