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but it gives me the impression of only trying to prove the amiga was better than the pc. but in my opinion its pointless as the pc was constantly evolving and always a different machine in itself. the fact you menion how amazing it is that in 1993 the amiga even runs syndicate just furthers my opinion that you're trying to to prove the above point. in 1989 most pc versions sucked, so lets show lots of those, by 1993 the amiga versions usually sucked more, so lets only show one game where an aga version negates that.
Thats what I was saying earlier... but you said it much better.... I guess we're looking for an honest video that does show the amiga rocking, but then losing out as time went on (due to stupidity, mainly!) .. thinking back, the Amiga actually was in the lead by FAR as it was released in, what,... as early as 1988? ... and it took at LEAST around 5 years for the IBM to catch up! ... seriously, if you're up for the task, this would be one hell of a video! (chronologically from the birth til the end of commercially created games for the amiga)
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