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As one of the guys working on the TOSEC project & being a little bit involved in ARP too, i can only 100% agree with |cy's stance on dealing with disk images. With our work on the TOSEC project (Amiga section), we're trying to give people the possibility to rename their ADF Files, resulting in long, descriptive filenames containing info like release year (and soon publisher & cracking group too, we're still working on that). In order to achieve this, we create datfiles that can be used with a variety of Rom Managers (yeah, i know, ADFs aren't roms... but that's how these tools are called) like RomCenter or ClrMame Pro. Now, these tools simply check ADF Files for their CRCs and compare them with the ones in the datfile... the problem with this approach is of course, if a disk image has been tampered with (altered bootblock, intro message advertising a web site), the CRC changes and these ADFs aren't recognized by the renaming tools. There's already so many different cracks/hacks from back in the old days, why on earth do people have to add to that? And it makes the work of us TOSEC dudes SO much more difficult.

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