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At least one of my PCs is powerful enough to run Crysis in my LCD native resolution (1680x1050) with everything in high.


This doesn't change that fact of what Amiga was (ie. great like in "greatest than anything else") and for how long it was that, WITHOUT ANY REAL development from the mother company.

It was a machine SPOT ON, from design, UNLIKE PC that for years had (and has) to fight design stupidities.

We had great graphics (like "greatest"), great sound (AGAIN like "greatest" - to ST ladies), great pre-emptive multitasking OS (that mac only got with OS X!!! and Windows only with NT and 2000 and on) with NATIVE GUI, the closest thing to parallel computing back then (with the specialized co-processors), plug-n-play from day 1, mouse and WYSIWYG from day 1 and so on.

I see Amiga concepts still copied by my "trusty windows machine". I own 3 desktop PC at home (not to mention WM machines and my office machines). I make money from PC. I spend 10+ hours a day on one. None of them ever became "my Amiga".

People that owned one know what I mean.
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