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Hehe, I wouldn't go so far.. as that other guy said, the PC did become great for games later on. But in the first years after the release of the Amiga, it was damn amazing compared to the PC and other computers on the market.
That was what I wanted to show in this video basically.. why people who owned an Amiga back then were so impressed by it and why people still regard it as such a fantastic machine. It was really something else back then.

I felt that showing a lot of the very latest games released on the machine and compare them to games running on, back then, modern PCs, would give the wrong impression. People who never used an Amiga and don't know anything about it might get the impression that the Amiga wasn't much better at all than the PC when it came to games.. and it certainly was for some time.

It would naturally be easy to make the PC appear better than the Amiga at games by mostly including games from when the Amiga started lagging behind but in my opinion, this would have given the wrong impression.

This video gives a pretty accurate feel of how I felt about the Amiga back in those days and I feel that including games from the "golden age" of the machine makes for a good impression.

But perhaps I should make a video including only games from 1993 and from there and show how the PC caught up and bypassed the Amiga eventually? Could be interesting.
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