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I bet you know no one program, which has similar features.

Its an Client/Server Program

It is not just a frontend...

-- Client / server capability, the database can be on a other computer
-- programmable database engine, other programs has predefined inputfields, my not. You can say what inputfields you want to have.
-- Built-in screenshot generator, screenshots were build automatically, without intervention, generated in the resolution as requested and directly assigned to a game. Either automatically at intervals or at the push of a button during the gaming.
-- Support for 2 databases where can be switched
-- Program can run from a read-only medium
-- embedded webbrowser, IE and Firefox/Mozilla are supported. Tabbed Browsing is supported. Favorites from IE & Firefox & Opera were involved automatically at the program startup

sorry for the bad english...

But it is fairly complex and not for everyone, I accepted.

In any case, you should not judge too quickly ...

It uses commercial database components (IBDAC) to reach this speed... but i has optimized the performance too...

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