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I used the AGA version of Aladdin and the VGA version of the PC version of Aladdin. And I specified which versions I used in the video. What is unfair about that?

You want me to use modern (at the time of release of the games) PCs and not use the most up to date Amiga versions?

And as far as I know, Doom was never released on the Amiga until much later when it was ported by fans.

I did not include Syndicate, that's your only valid complaint. I never gave the impression that this is in any way chronological and I gave the dates for all the games so there is no confusion about that.

If you think the only way for a comparison video to be fair is to include games from the very end of a machines' lifetime and compare them to versions of the game running on much newer computers, then fine.. but I disagree. Syndicate was released in 1993 btw, it's impressive that the by then ancient Amiga could even run it as well as it did.

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