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Originally posted by Pyromania

Amiga Inc. has been hurting for money the last 1 1/2 years like most of I.T. That could be why there is no Boing Bag 2 out etc. What is wrong with OS 3.9 though that warrents a Boing Bag 2? I runs very stable for me.
Yes, I agree that I have not noticed any bugs in OS3.9 BB1. However there are probably several minor bugs lurking around which have already been fixed by H&P. Eventually these fixes should get packaged up and released as OS3.9 BB2. Also OS3.5 BB1 had a few extra goodies thrown in that were quite cool, like the animated icons :-) hopefully there will be goodies in OS3.9 BB2??

Perhaps OS3.9 BB2 will be released after OS4.0, just as OS3.5 BB2 was released after OS3.9.
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