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NEOGEO MVS PCB with 2Joystick ports on regular Jamma Cabinet

NEOGEO MVS PCB with 2 Joystick ports on regular Jamma Cabinet.

I’m interested in buying a NEOGEO MVS PCB to play some MVS carts which I own.
I noticed that the 2 cart slot MVS PCBs have 2 joystick ports as well as the Jamma port and stereo output.
I own a regular Arcade cabinet with 2 joysticks, 2 sets of 6-buttons, a regular Jamma slot and one speaker (Mono sound) connected to the Jamma slot of the cabinet.

My queries are:

1. Will the 2 cart slot MVS PCBs work on my regular Jamma arcade cabinet (Both joysticks and Mono sound) if I connect the MVS PCB to the cabinet Jamma slot and leave the extra 2 joystick ports and stereo output of the MVS PCB unconnected?

2. Do the 1 cart slot MVS PCBs also feature 2 Joystick ports and Stereo output and should I get one of these instead?

Thanks in advance
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