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Thanks for the tip, I'll check out the config files in a second.

kafiend - have you seen the scanline effect in Winfellow? That looks great IMO. Without them the picture is very blocky and ugly. The effect somehow manages to transform dated graphics into more modern and sophisticated looking ones. I expect the anti-aliasing in Winfellow is also playing its part but still...

Try flicking between the two emus and you'll see what I mean. Winfellow is far superior in the graphics department.

If it wasn't for the lack of a save state option in Winfellow I'd chuck UAE in the bin right now. Just when you think you've tweaked it to perfection something else goes wrong. It's like a faulty TV which will only display a picture or provide you with clear sound but never both at the same time. I'm seriously thinking about giving up and then coming back to it in six months time to see if the next version is any better.

I think the problem has something to do with the 'correct aspect ratio' option more than anything. If you turn that off sometimes the problem is fixed but then something else screws up, like the picture will disappear off the edge of the screen. The thing is it's so difficult to diagnose a problem because changing the options back and forth doesn't seem to produce consistent results as you would expect.

Sorry to whinge about a free program but I'm getting to the end of my tether with this.
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