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Thanks for the replies. It just seems like a big scam to me considering the core components of the package can be downloaded free elsewhere. OK, so you get legal Kickstarts and whatnot with it, but they're so easy to come by that shouldn't even be a consideration. I'm not necessarily talking about downloading them illegally either - I expect most of the members here have owned legal copies of these disks at one point or another even if we don't now so charging for them all over again is ridiculous.

I'm really glad I'm just 'testing' this software, because I would have felt totally cheated had I paid for it... and I thought Microsoft were the biggest con merchants around these days.

From what I can gather AF gives you a pretty menu from which you're just a click away from the emus and different OSs. If this was important to you you'd just create a group of shortcuts using Explorer.

Is Amithlon any better?
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