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Well actually the nForce chipset boards are more for OEM's that want to produce a somewhat varied line of computer models, the thing that changes is the HD capacity, memory and the CPU speed. Since these boards use integrated audio and video the total cost per unit is less and hence the manufacturer can also sell the computers for less. Both SiS and ALi have done this as well but these chipset manufacturers are much smaller and don't have the same market share as the big boys do, i.e., Via and Intel. nVidia along with ATi, yes the other major video chipset manufacturer, has produced new mainboard chipsets for the OEM's. ATi's chipset has a built-in Radeon video chip, kinda a lite version of course.

If all out balls to the wall speed is your concern, and why shouldn't it be , then go with a faster chipset like the Via KT-266E for AMD cpu's and either the Via P4X-266 or the Intel 845 for Intel cpu's. This way you can stick in whatever AGP video card you want and upgrade to faster ones in the future

Also note that some of the integrated chipsets have the option to disable the onboard video and use the optional AGP slot for upgraded video cards. Remember this is a mobo manufacturer option and not all of them do this because it adds to the overall cost of the mobo!!!
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