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Ive managed to collect a few over the years

Some Pong game (metal box with switches, dont remember its name, in the loft buried somewhere)
Atari 2600
4x Spectrum 48k + several trays of ram chips for repairing them .
Dragon32 (no idea if it still works)
Spectrum +3
Commodore C64 (grey box, grey function keys)
Amiga A500
Amiga A600
3x A1200 (2 towered, 1 with blizzppc/bvision, 1 with mediator, voodoo3 and 1 desktop with 030/50)
Several pcs, and many pc parts
Main pc is Athlon X2 5000 + Radeon 3870
PS1, PSP, PS2, PS3

I guess the worst part of it all is the huge amount of games for all the systems ive spend money on (my entire allowances back in my youth) that i dont use anymore. Guess its fortunate we have emulators so the software we baught can still live on and be played.

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