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I really cannot be arsed with this pointless discussion anymore.

I DO NOT hate 2D I love it. I also love 3D games if they are good enough, not because they are 3D but because they are good games of which I am a fan.
I stand by my statement that making 2D games is technologically a step backwards. I have no problem with 2D games, but personally wouldnt consider buying a modern game made in 2D because I have become used to 3D now and I prefer it. An example for me is playing STREETFIGHTER 2 or TEKKEN. Both are great games but the introduction of 3D into this genre has opened up new strategies and depth. 2D in this case just doesnt cut it anymore for me.
The 2D/Black&White comparison is poor. Making a film in B&W does not limit what can be done or shown on the screen, and in the case of Schindlers list for example. can enhance the atmosphere.
But certain games just cannot be done in 2 dimensions i.e flight sims or FPS (whether you like them or not).

I too choose my games based on their quality, but to me, quality didnt end at the dawn of 3D. I do not feel I need "a quota" of games from every era, but enjoy ALL games if they are good enough.

I do not intent (hopefully) to post on this subject again. If a point is made that I feel needs debating then I will, but I feel this discussion is becoming pointless.
Our opinions on this subject are very different and I respect your views, but I will never convince you that gaming is still alive and as vibrant as ever, just as you will never convince me that todays market is dominated by rubbish.

Please dont think I am anti 2D because I am not. I am a huge fan of the old games, and always will be.
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