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The Satan that is M$

Amiga Inc. like all of us have to deal with the Satan that is M$ daily. The Win part of WinUAE means Windows! So a true boycott means none of us on EAB could boot up WinUAE because it is a Windows app. If lots of developers support AmigaDE and write apps for it then it will make Windows no longer matter since AmigaDE apps run on everything except Crapintosh. Sharing boothspace with M$ at a PDA expo and doing a joint press release brought the Amiga some much needed respect and drew people to where they can read about Amiga OS 4, AmigaOne etc. Many think that Amiga is dead and what a shock it must have been for people to see M$ promoting Amiga in the Microsoft booth. Amiga Inc. said from day 1 that AmigaDE would run on Windows, Linux, Amiga Os 4.2 etc. so this not an issue. Sony hates M$ as well but does trade shows and joint press releases with them. I too wish for a day when I don't have to have any computers in my home that run Winblows, Amiga Anywhere could make that come true in the future. I hate developing for Winblows!
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