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Originally posted by Akira
And I believe these are all those poor Amiga users who got brainwashed and run all over the place saying "THA NEW AMIGA KOMPUTER IS KOMIN!" [/B]
It's important not to mistake the AmigaDE for the AmigaOne, which is a new Amiga computer (and it is "komin!"). I agree that it's taken way too long in development, but I personally know that the people working on the OS (Hyperion Software) are really serious about the Amiga, and they've proven their "loyalty" to the classic Amiga user base time and time again. Besides, I've spoken with some of the influental people of that company, and they're all great people. Same thing with the people doing the actual hardware, Eyetech. I've bought lots of stuff from them and I've never been disappointed with any hardware they've supplied me with.

The sad thing is that the AmigaOne seems to be almost unsupported from Amiga Inc. The way I see it, Amiga Inc has almost nothing to do with the future of the Amiga platform that I love. But as long as they allow Eyetech it's partners to finish the AmigaOne, I don't care what else they're up to.
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